Portuguese gourmet

Caldo verde

If one notices the geographical location of Portugal, one will find that it is surrounded by the formidable Atlantic Ocean on two sides and on the other two it is flanked by the Spaniards. The countries of South America are not far away and it is interesting to note that the neighboring cultures have also invaded the gourmet of Portugal.

In most countries of the world it is observed that there are certain aspects which are deeply rooted to tradition and culture. One of the prominent among them is the cuisine and there are certain traditional food items which are integral to every culture. Portugal too is not an exception and there are various traditional items which are intricately associated with its culture and festivals. Caldo verde is a traditional soup which is not only a part of the Portuguese cuisine but is equally popular in Brazil as well. The origin of this delicacy can be traced to the northern province of Minho though the fame of the caldo verde has surpassed geographical borders and it is popular all over Portugal and consumed widely from the northern borders to the south. In fact the caldo verde is so much admired in the rest of the world that it has exhibited the excellence of Portuguese cuisine worldwide. The caldo verde is constituted by crushed onions and potatoes and savoy cabbage or kale as well as powdered collared greens. Garlic and salt are used extensively in case of adding flavor and olive oil and sausages like chourico are cut into pieces and added. The caldo verde is served with the Portuguese bread type broa as accompaniment. It is a light delicacy and therefore can be had at anytime of the day preceding or succeeding supper. Caldo verde is a popular delicacy at the time of social events like weddings as well as during cultural festivals.