Portuguese gourmet


Portugal is located in the south western part of Europe and is a premier first world nation today. Since its inclusion within the European Union, the country has shown a steady growth. It is interesting to note that Portugal has a rich historical heritage which has affected and impacted its cultural life as well. The most significant form of cultural influence can be noticed in terms of their influence on the Portuguese cuisine and many of these delicacies have become a part of mainstream Portuguese culture now.

If one engages in a discussion regarding Portuguese gourmet, it is impossible to overlook the different varieties of Portuguese sausages that are on offer and these sausages are more often used as accompaniments in case of various main course dishes like feijoada and the cozido a portuguesa. Referred to as chourico in Portugal, it is extremely popular in the neighboring country Spain as well where it is referred to as chorizo. Chourico in Portuguese refers to the manifold kinds of sausages made of pork meat. It attains its red color from the dried smoked red peppers used in the preparation. It is to be noted here that apart from pork, the Portuguese chourico requires other ingredients like paprika, salt, wine and fat for the sake of attaining the perfect flavor. This whole mix is then stuffed into tripe, through artificial or natural processing and then it is dried over a prolonged period with smoke. An important fact which must be observed in case of chourico is that it can be of various different shapes, color or flavor. It is this variety which makes it an extremely popular delicacy and they are prevalently consumed in Hawaiian Islands and New England. The various kinds of chourico in Portugal include chourico de vinho, chourico de sangue, chourico de ossos and many other modifications are available too.