Portuguese gourmet

Cozido à Portuguesa

The application of the term gourmet in the Portuguese context is used to refer to the premium recipes and delicacies which are a part of the Portuguese cuisine and most of which have a strong bond with the cultural festivals or have historical roots. This is possible as Portugal has had a rich history of being under the Romans in the ancient times and late emerging from their clutches to become and independent republic and then finally joining the European Union in the second last decade of the 20th century. Portuguese gourmet comprises of a huge variety of delicacies which have become an inseparable part of their cultural and social lives.

In terms of geographical locations, Portugal is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the country of Spain on its sides. Therefore it is quite obvious that these two European countries can have certain common tastes when it comes to cuisine or culture. This is evident as one of the most popular Spanish delicacies has its origin in the Beira region of Portugal and is also a significant part of the Portuguese diet as well. It is known as cozido or cocido and it is a stew comprised of several different meat and vegetables. The cozido à portuguesa originated from the Beira region of Portugal and it is constituted by majorly the shins of pork and beef and it should be mentioned that in certain areas chicken is also provided along with varieties of vegetables like carrots, cabbages and turnip. Often Portuguese sausages like chourico, farinheira and morcela and also potatoes and rice are also used as supplements along with the cozido preparation. Though the cozido is more popular in Spain and is a prominent part of the Spanish diet, it initially evolved in the Portuguese terrain and therefore has continued to remain a well loved delicacy amidst the Portuguese.