Portuguese gourmet

Gourmet in Portugal

It was as early as 138 BC that the formidable Romans incorporated the current Portuguese territory within their roman kingdom and established their supreme authority. In fact it should be noted here that the name 'Portugal' itself owes its origin to the roman root 'Porto Cale'. In 868, the First Country of Portugal came into being with the fall of the Moors and Muslims in the hands of the Christians in the Iberian Peninsula at the time of the 'Reconquista'. But it was in 1139, with the conclusion of the battle of Ourique that Portugal finally consolidated its position as an independent nation under the leadership of Afonso Henriques. Therefore it is significant to note that Portugal has had a very strong and rich history and even in the later years of the 13th and 14th centuries which are also known as the Age of Discovery, the Portuguese explorers prominently encouraged those endeavors which gave immense impetus to the expeditions.

Gourmet Portugal

Therefore, it can be concluded, that the gourmet in Portugal has had a lot of resources for its origin. Not only does Portugal boast of a rich cultural and historical heritage, the traditional Portuguese delicacies have been kept alive by its people fro centuries and today are famous worldwide. In the present age of globalization, where everything is commodified and consumerism is the call of the day, the popularity of Portuguese gourmet attains prominence to the country in the world map and also it is also a great way of luring tourists thus revealing the historical or cultural significance of an individual food item. Various delicacies like caldeirada, feijoada, bacalhau, chorico, cozido, francessinha, pastel de Belem are some of the prominent constituents of the Portuguese gourmet. However the two most important and prominent among these enriched foods are pine nuts obtained form the stony pine trees and olive oil and wines which are grown extensively in the Portuguese vineyards and are famous worldwide fro their superior quality and flavor.